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Tracking Legislation

Go to the Illinois General Assembly website,

Searching for Legislation:

* On the left hand side of the state homepage, use a keyword to identify your bills of interest (e.g. school funding, wetlands protection) in the "By Keyword" box or use a bill number (note that you use HB for House bills and SB for Senate bills as part of that number) in the "By Number" box.

* Hit search  

* Scroll down the bill page to identify the formal name of a bill, the sponsors, the latest action, and the legislative history. Where is your bill on the date of "Last Action?" Did an amendment "delete all of the above" and then substitute language to change your bill? View the bill by clicking on Full Text, view specific votes by clicking on Votes.

Searching for relevant information regarding Elected Officials, including the legislation an elected official has sponsored or co-sponsored, a member's committee assignments, and contact information

*  Click on the Members tab under House or Senate.

Check on your bills on a regular basis, particularly towards the end of the legislative session in May. Set-up your own list on the legislative website >>>> click on Mv Legislation in the main menu tool bar, build a query to keep a running list of the bills that you are tracking.
 Use other websites too: 1) the LWVIL & LWV websites, & www.lwv.orq, contain background material regarding issues and action. Refer to these sites for help in identifying bill numbers and legislation of importance to the League; 2) LWVIL is a partner in Leginfo, a website devoted exclusively to tracking legislation and keeping citizens up-to-date on what is happening in Springfield >>>> go to, on the left hand side,  browse by issue to identify legislation of importance, and read partner synopsis, describing specific proposals and offering bill analysis.

Remember: Things can happen fast in Springfield (maybe that's in the hope that no one will notice), so if the web isn't getting you the information you need, look to other people for help:

.*    Never hesitate to call an elected official (it's worth it to start with the sponsor of a bill) to seek guidance on legislative activity or to get help figuring out the specifics of a proposal. For additional help, contact the  LWVIL Issues Coordinator,