Mental/Behavioral Health and  Intellectual/Developmental Disability Position
Approved by the LWVCKC Board following Consensus  April 6, 2016

 The League supports a fully funded comprehensive and coordinated system of treatment, supports, and services for people with mental and behavioral health challenges and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities throughout Kane County.  Funding must be adequate to meet the scope and intensity of needs. This funding should include support from state, county, township, and municipal governmental bodies.  In addition, affordable housing, affordable and accessible transportation, job training, case management, respite, and social and recreational services need support.  Entry into this system should be facilitated by comprehensive and coordinated sources of information that help with finding the most appropriate service providers in the local community.  Funding decisions from all sources should be based on data indicating best practice strategies and supports, which lead to the best health outcomes.  Alternatives to incarceration must be available for people who have mental and behavioral health challenges and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities.  The current crisis in Illinois’ finances is contributing to the needs in these areas.



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