Affordable Housing Position
                                                           2004 Consensus

The LWV of Geneva-St. Charles supports governmental and community efforts to ensure affordable, safe, and decent housing for the citizens of our towns. During the year 2004-05, the Affordable housing committee in Geneva and St. Charles will examine strategies for improving the supply of affordable housing in Geneva and St. Charles and will recommend appropriate action in this area. 

ACTION: March 4, 2004. Kane County Housing Action Coalition was formed with the leadership of the LWV Geneva-St.Charles league. 

MISSION: The Kane County Housing Action Coalition (KCHAC) is a network with broad-based grassroots participation that advocates for affordable and fair housing in Kane County. 

VISION: KCHAC organizes advocacy efforts by:                                                                 

      • Identifying issues and needs                                                                                                               • Raising public awareness on the issues                                                                                           • Collaborating with regional, statewide, and national advocacy efforts                               • Networking through the exchange of education and information. 

Additional information at: Housing Action Illinois


Kane County Housing Action Coalition

Kane County Housing Action Coalition's 2006-07 Value Statement and Action Agenda

1. We believe that state and local housing policy should include all persons regardless of income. 

2. We believe that everyone is entitled to safe, decent and affordable housing.  . 

3. We believe additional funding is necessary to increase the supply of affordable housing.  

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